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It is thought that the name of this small village comes from the old expression "Croyacum", meaning "damp, boggy ground".

It is a charming locality, welcoming to visitors discovering its heritage. Of the fifteenth-century fortress the keep, the Donjon du Houssoy, remains today. It contains the Syndicat d’Initiative (tourist centre) and an interesting exhibition showing the history of navigation on the Ourcq canal.

From the tower there is a beautiful view over the surrounding countryside. In the sixteenth-century church of Saint-Cyr and Sainte Julitte, the visitor discover a magnificent nave, with a bold vault delicately supported by pillars. Inside you can stop in front of a  magnificent lectern with an angel playing a trumpet and holding a sword on its capital. Surmounting the reredos are the two patron saints of the church, Saint Cyr, a martyr at the age of three, and his mother Sainte Julitte.

French art, culture, architecture: Crouy-sur-Ourcq, Seine-et-Marne

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