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Coulommiers has kept its authentic atmosphere and charm, and its old stones breathe out memories of the past.
In the depths of the Parc des Capucins, the vestiges of the château de Gonzagues et de Clèves are echoes of a glittering past.
The chapel of the Capucins contains the museum, and there is a remarkable grotto lined with sea shells where the choir once was.
At the top of the town, the twelfth-century Commandery of the Knights Templar, one of the best preserved ones of the Ile-de-France region, takes visitors back through the history of the soldier monks.

A gentle stroll through the shopping streets in the centre of town will give a glimpse of how bustling this historic town still is today.

French culture, heritage, chateau, museums in Seine-et-MarneTo do:

Coulommiers by boat
To discover the charms of this town, the Tourist Office proposes a boat trip (on Saturdays and Sundays, from May to September).

Discovery tour
A discovery booklet allows to walk around the town with one’s family.

French culture, heritage, chateau, museums in Seine-et-Marne
French art, culture, architecture: Coulommiers, Seine-et-Marne
French art, culture, architecture: Coulommiers, Seine-et-Marne
French culture, heritage, chateau, museums in Seine-et-Marne

The International Cheese and Wine Fair
On Palm Saturday and Sunday each year, an international cheese and wine fair is held in the town.

The Capucins Museum of Coulommiers
This museum is a must for those wishing to witness the history of this Briard town. In the chapel of an old convent, it has fascinating collections from bygone times. There are many artefacts from the château of the Duchesse de Longueville, now destroyed. Other historical souvenirs such as jewels, the Paley treasure or globes of the earth or the sky are beautifully presented. There is also an amazing exhibit: rock grottoes telling the story of Christ.

Coulommiers is proud to be one of just a few towns to be famous for their cheese. When you visit the tourist office, do not miss the area dedicated to Brie cheese, to discover all there is to know about this "cheese of kings and king of cheeses".

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