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This studio has remained practically intact since the death of Rosa Bonheur in 1899, exceptional for a 19th-century painter’s studio. Rosa Bonheur, one of the first women painters to have a worldwide reputation, built this neo-Gothic style studio in 1859 to give her the space and light necessary for her work.

This animal artist whose most famous paintings are currently shown in the world's most famous museums (Metropolitan Museum in New York, Women’s Museum of Art in Washington, Musée d’Orsay in Paris etc…) lived and worked there for 40 years.

This is where the empress Eugenie presented her with the Legion of Honour which made Rosa Bonheur the first woman painter to be decorated with such a distinction.
Buffalo Bill visited her in this studio and gave her Indian dress that can still be admired among the different objects in the Museum.

French culture, art, houses of painters, inventors in seine-et-marne
Rosa Bonheur's studio in Thomery-By
Rosa Bonheur's studio in Thomery-By
French culture, art, houses of painters, inventors in seine-et-marne

If the artist’s work can be seen: studies, drawings, engravings and paintings, the attraction of this Museum also lies in the atmosphere into which visitors are immersed.
They can see part of Rosa Bonheur’s personal life and discover the atmosphere in which this highly renowned artist lived in the 19th century.

Rosa Bonheur's workshop Museum
Château de By
77810 Thomery - By

Syndicat d'Initiative de Thomery
11, rue de la République
77810 Thomery
Tel: 33 (0)1 64 70 80 14

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