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In the main street of the painter’s village close to the forest, the house-studio of Jean François Millet presents the life of a grand master of the Barbizon School.

Born in Gréville-Hague on the Cotentin peninsular in Normandie in 1814, Jean-François Millet arrived in Barbizon in 1849 and lived in a small house in the village with a large garden until his death in 1875. The house was rented from Alfred Sensier, a civil servant in the Ministry for Fine Arts.

The peasant’s son built a large studio bay in the main street. An illustrator of peasant life in the 19th century, he produced his most famous paintings in Barbizon like the Angélus and Les Glaneuses or Le Semeur.

The artist lived in Barbizon with his large family (9 children: 6 girls and 3 boys).
Adopted by his new region, it is from Barbizon, Chailly and in the Fontainebleau forest that the artist drew his greatest inspiration, since recognised as the basis of peasant naturalism.

French culture, art, houses of painters, inventors in seine-et-marne
Jean-François Millet Studio in Barbizon
Jean-François Millet Studio in Barbizon
French culture, art, houses of painters, inventors in seine-et-marne

His universal paintings were already being bought by Americans at the end of the 19th century. Millet was a great inspiration to Vincent Van Gogh who used some of his themes like the harvesters.
Visiting Jean-François Millet’s studio will show you different aspects of his work and the still intact modest and creative living environment. One room in this studio house is devoted to the current masters of the Barbizon School.

Atelier et Maison Jean-François Millet
27, Grande rue
77630 Barbizon
Tel: 33 (0)1 60 66 21 55

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