Your walk with a Seine-et-Marne Greeter,
a different way of visiting the Seine-et-Marne!


Land of kings and land of the Arts, just outside Paris, the Seine-et-Marne boasts wonderful natural scenery and a programme of great events running throughout the year. Close to Disneyland® Paris and less than an hour away from the capital, an authentic way of life and delicious gastronomy await you here!
Come and explore the Seine-et-Marne with our Greeters: local people fascinated by the area they live in that are really keen to help you learn about it from its many different angles. These enthusiastic volunteers will show you the real Seine-et-Marne as you explore it with them at your side: walk through one of our famous painters’ villages, marvel as you roam the pathways running through Fontainebleau forest, stroll around a delightful village market and taste our famous Brie de Meaux or one of our many local specialities.

Meet a local to experience the Seine-et-Marne like a real local, away from the beaten track!

The Seine-et-Marne Greeters belong to the Global Greeter Network, an international network that brings together people who live in cities and regions across the world who want to share their enthusiasm for their local area with tourists and help them explore it.

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• Greeters are not professional guides; they offer free strolls to tourists off the beaten track
• Walks last between 2 to 4 hours
• There is no charge at all for the walks, the Greeters are volunteers
• When arranging a walk, try to plan it at least one week before the date of the walk
• Greeters cannot look after more than 6 people at a time

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